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13 Stories Haunted House

Experience our 13 Stories Haunted House attraction that includes our smaller attractions Vertigo and Zombie Alley.  Many of your fears will be exposed throughout your journey at 13 Stories Haunted House. Then tangle with the crazies in Vertigo. The Danielson Home for the Criminal Insane has been overrun by the mentally insane and they have dubbed the area VERTIGO. If you make it out then you will be forced into Zombie Alley where you will need to try and not be infected. Good luck with that. 

Vertigo Haunt

Vertigo is defined as “The sensation of dizziness. An instance of such a sensation. A confused, distorted state of mind”. 

Vertigo is what you will endure when you enter our Insane Asylum, Crazies from previous years reside here. They have taken over the asylum and killed all of the staff. Your goal is to make it out alive.

Clown Haus Returns

Clown Haus returns to 13 Stories!


Clown Haus is a horror themed carnival-esque attraction populated by nasty, scary clowns and lit with fluorescent lighting. It has the feel of an old time circus / carnival that has been taken over by evil clowns who run amok doing bad things and generally being scary.


This year we are adding on a large area. This is the “backstage / employees only” area where the clowns go when they are not on shift at the Clown Haus. This area continues the grungy, litter strewn feel of Clown Haus. Everything should is dirty and looks lived in. A sample of some of our new scenes are

• HR Office / “Inhuman resources”

• Break Room Kitchen

• Locker room

• Employee child care

Fang Face.jpg
The Ruins

This attraction takes place as the Zombie Apocalypse has ended. There are victims everywhere. Are there any survivors? Any zombies left? You will find out this season when you enter The Ruins.

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