Welcome to the 13 Stories Haunted House Experience

We a Virtual Line System to limit your on site wait time. It's Easy as 1-2

1: Text 13 Stories to 404-620-2978 the day of your visit after 7am or go HERE to get in line!

2: Arrive at 13 Stories Haunted House ANY TIME before closing after receiving your "It's Your Turn!" text.


Legend has it that there is a 13 Story tall haunted house so horrifying that you have to sign a waiver to get in. They say you get your money back if you make it all the way to the end. They say they have rats, spiders, snakes, roaches and even clowns. They say the monsters touch you and have been known to throw you out of windows. They say it is an experience so terrifying many people don't make it all the way through...


Some of these are only myths, simple urban legends. Some are not.


Although many of these are impossible or improbable to achieve, 13 Stories Haunted House, using today's cutting edge technology, brings many of the myths and urban legends to life.

At 13 Stories Haunted House all patrons are required to sign a waiver on site or bring a signed waiver with you. Under 18? Bring one signed by a parent or guardian.

Rain never matters at 13 Stories. All indoors!

Food Trucks Fridays and Saturdays! Use CASH at 13 Stories and avoid fees


13 Stories Haunted House in Newnan, GA.

We bring bring you the next level in haunted houses. All of our haunted houses are now "Extreme" haunts. You must sign a waiver to enter. If you want to minimize the "Extreme" you will need to purchase a Chicken Ticket.


Along with the new and improved 13 Stories Haunted House we have built a completely new attraction. Clown Haus returns.


Clown Haus is a horror themed carnival-esque attraction populated by nasty, scary clowns and lit with fluorescent lighting. It has the feel of an old time circus / carnival that has been taken over by evil clowns who run amok doing bad things and generally being scary.

This year we added a large area to Clown Haus Returns. This is the “backstage "employees only” area where the clowns go when they are not on shift at the Clown Haus. This area continues the grungy, litter strewn feel of Clown Haus. Everything should is dirty and looks lived in. A sample of some of our new scenes are

• HR Office / “Inhuman resources”

• Break Room Kitchen

• Locker room

• Employee child care

Waivers are needed at all attractions at 13 Stories. Sign on site or get yours here.

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