Year Round Apocalypse Zombie Kill Experience at 13 Stories Haunted House

Looking for some fun when haunt season is over? Do you think you have what it takes to survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Here's your chance to find out! 13 Stories Haunted House presents Apocalypse: A Live Action Zombie Kill Experience.


13 Stories Apocalypse Zombie Kill is a completely new form of entertainment. It combines a first-person shooter video game with a real-life interactive walk through. This is your only chance to see if you really could survive a Zombie Apocalypse! This unique experience is catching on like wildfire as all of our events have been sold out! 

You choose your team of any size or you can go alone. After you're trained the onslaught begins. You will be immersed into a “free roam scenario” to take on a city overrun by zombies! Check your corners as you travel through the desolate wasteland. Aim for the head as you pick off zombies one by one in your fight to stay alive.  Select zombies will try to infect you on your venture. You will be checked at our decontamination tent at the end of your apocalypse. If you did not get infected you receive an "I Kill Zombies" wristband. Get infected and your friends get to watch you get your "I SUCK at Killing Zombies" wristband in bright pink letters. Your friends are sure to have fun with that one all the way home! Also while on your apocalypse journey you will be searching for and collecting all of the glowing antidote inside. There will be select prizes for those few with the most antidote at the decontamination tent. Your weaponry will be full weight, metal body replicas of real-world M4 Rifles. These are the same weapons that are used to train military and SWAT personnel. Pull the trigger for a real recoil, bang, and muzzle flash. These one-of-a-kind weapons will keep you alive and immerse you into your favorite action video game as you fight off zombie assailants.

Prices online are less than at the door. Buy now!


We carry a set number of weapons so you must either purchase tickets online or reserve by email as previous events have sold out. If you do not want to purchase here online you must email with your group name, how many in the group and what date and time slot you want. You must also receive a response to be confirmed.


When you arrive:

- When you buy your tickets online for the day of the event you will arrive at least 20 minutes before before your alloted time slot.

- You will then be trained and sent into the apocalypse with your 150 round laser magazine. 

- You are free to roam everywhere inside the yellow caution tape.  When you see zombies kill them!

- Zombies will roam everywhere. Some will die with your first shot and some will take more shots to kill them. Some stay dead and some will rise back up after a few seconds. 

- When you are out of ammo you will report to the reload station to get more ammo (if there is time) or to exit if you have no more. If you did not previously buy extra ammo online you will have the opportunity to at the Safe Zone if time permits.


Other information:

- Time for each event is 25 minutes after training. We usually add extra time as time allows.

- The event ends when you see strobes flashing in the ceiling or run out of ammo. Report to the Safe Zone to exit.

For all purchases you must arrive and be ready to be trained 15 minutes before your time slot or you will be put in with the next rotation if guns are available.



Tickets online are $15 per person for 150 rounds of ammo. Prices at the door $20 per person. You MUST email 13 Stories via Facebook or to reserve your slots if you do not purchase online. List in the email how many in your group.

Extra magazines with 150 rounds each - $5 (maximum 4 extra as time allows) $6 on site.


Time slots may change/be added as needed. Check ticketing site for actual slots available.


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