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The final screams have faded into the fog of The Village for this season. Thanks to everyone who came out to have some fun and a little fright.

Come for the Screams –
Stay for the Party!

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The Village Haunted Experience is a unique, two-part event that incorporates a carnival-style midway with games, food, beverages and music in an area called The Courtyard, and a ticketed walk-through outdoor haunt titled The Village – all located on the grounds of the Georgia Renaissance Festival.


The Village haunt includes some intense, graphic scenes that incorporate simulated blood, flashing lights, loud sounds and scenes of torture and death. The Village haunt is recommended for ages 13 and above.



Come early to play games of skill, browse the vendor shops, and enjoy your favorite snacks and beverages, music, and fun!

There is no admission cost for the Courtyard, however activities in the Courtyard are

individually priced and are not included in your Haunt Experience ticket.






Chicken Tenders 

Turkey Leg




Chili Cheese Fries

Mozzarella Sticks

Fried Mac and Cheese



Fried Cheesecake

Funnel Fries 

Brownie or Brownie A La Mode


Sampler Basket

Tenders, Fries, Mozz. Sticks, and Fried Mac and Cheese 





• Coke
• Diet Coke
• Sprite
• Bottled Water

• Assorted Beers

• Monks Mead


• Axe Throw
• Archery

• Tomato Throw
• Star & Knife Throw
• Escape Room
• Foam Zone
• Mechanical Bull
• Deadman's Drop

• Apocalypse Advanced

  Laser Experience

Haunt Anchor


The Terror is Real.


Centuries ago, the ground this small village was built upon was cursed.
It has been home to many unsuspecting residents for decades,
unaware of the unspeakable evil that was waiting to awaken.

Agents of evil have summoned spirits
and long-dead demons
who now roam the grounds at will,

killing and destroying everything in their path.

After many unexplained deaths and disappearances,
a shadowy governmental agency - the Paranormal Containment Unit -
has stepped in to protect the public and conduct
an investigation
into the strange
and horrible terror that lives inside this once quiet neighborhood.

They are here to help.


Will you be one of the curious souls brave enough to venture in?




GROUP RATE – $22 for parties of 10 or more, available online.

VIP LINE JUMPER – Go to the front of the line like the VIP you are – $20.


Tickets are date and time specific. This means you will buy the number of tickets you need for a specific date and time slot. At the entrance gate, there are three queue lines – two for timed entries and one for our VIP Line Jumper ticket holders.


Each timed queue line will be marked with a time over the entry. This is the time that corresponds to the time on your ticket. In order to keep the line length manageable, you may line up for your time slot approx. 30 minutes prior to the time on your ticket. Each person in your party must be present before you enter the line.


Each time slot will begin their haunted tours as close as possible to the starting time, but may be held up until the previous time slot is finished. The time on your ticket is not the time you will go through the haunt – it's when that time begins their tours. Your entry time should be within the hour of your time slot. We try to get all the tours through within one hour, but occasionally there is a slight delay in beginning the next time slot tours. We appreciate your patience as we want everyone to have a great experience.

VIP Line Jumpers use their VIP entrance and go to the front of the line.
Wanna be a big shot? Buy one of these!


Located just minutes from downtown Atlanta on I-85 at Exit 61 - Fairburn/Peachtree City. Located on the grounds of the Georgia Renaissance Festival - 6905 Virlyn B. Smith Road, Fairburn, GA.

These rules must be followed at all times:

1) Do not touch any haunt actors, staff, or props at any time.

2) Do not bring any weapons, alcoholic beverages, or pets onto the property.

3) Outside food and drink is prohibited on the grounds.

4) Respect other customers and haunt employees – no rude or lewd behavior, defacing property, etc.

5) No smoking inside the Haunted Experience, in line for admission, or within 15 feet of any structure.

6) No flashlights, cell phones or cell phone lights, lighters, or flash photography inside the Haunted Experience. Photos and videos are allowed in the Courtyard area.

Please wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking outside on various paved and unpaved surfaces. The pathways are gravel and grassy areas and can be uneven at times. You must stay on the marked pathway at all times.


Q: How long does it take to go through?

A: This is a very hard question to answer as some people walk faster than others. We estimate it to take about 30 minutes to complete.


Q: What if we walk up on another group?

A: Slow down to maximize your experience and to social distance. You will not get the full effect of the attraction if you get too close to the group ahead of you or if a group walks up on your group. It is easier to see ahead of you so we ask all groups to slow down if you see that you are getting close to the group ahead of you. This way each scene will have a chance to "reload" and you and your group will get the best experience possible.


Q: Is The Village wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes, but the pathways may be challenging in some spots due to gravel and uneven terrain. Please let our staff know when you arrive if you require wheelchair assistance.

Q: How much does it cost to get in??

A: General Admission is $25 online from September 30 thru October 15. Beginning October 21 admission is $30. You can purchase a Line Jumper Pass to go to the front of the line during your time slot. The Line Jumper is an additional cost and does not include admission to the Haunt. Each person wishing to jump the line must have a Line Jumper Pass.

Q: Is there a different admission price for children?

A: No.


Q: How old do you have to be to get into The Village?

A: We recommend a minimum age of 13, but that is up to you. Many young children have a great time, others will not make it all the way through. Even some adults get too scared to make it through.

Q. How scary is The Village?

A: Extremely. Our scares are designed to be very intense from start to finish. We incorporate loud sound effects, strobe lights, fog machines, gory scenes, and terrifying creatures.


If you are nervous and want to experience a less intense haunt, purchase a "Chicken Ticket" at our box office before getting in line. It is a light-up pacifier that you must have in your mouth inside the Haunt. This lets our creatures know to go easy on you as you pass. Maybe.


Please be aware that there are NO REFUNDS if you or a member of your party are too scared to make it through. EVEN IF you have not started the tour. Once the ticket is purchased there are no refunds.

Q: Will The Village close if it rains?

A: No – The Village will operate rain or shine. We will delay or close only in the event of severe thunderstorms, lighting, or damaging wind.    

Q: I lost my cell phone inside the Haunt - what can I do?

A: As you exit the Haunt, let one of our staff at the Haunt Entrance know what you lost and approximately where you lost it. We will do a sweep through that area to find it. Also check in at our Lost & Found counter located at the Ticket Booth to see if your item was turned in there.

The Village Haunted Experience reserves the right to correct any errors on this site.  We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 



EMAIL:      PHONE: 770-964-8575

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